What is Digital Body Language?
Digital Body Language or DBL are the digital clues your prospects leave behind when they engage with you online.  Tracking these clues allows you to:
  • Arm sales people with deep insights into the areas and levels of interest of every prospect
  • Easily determine which leads should be passed to sales and which should be nurtured 
  • Better understand the profile and behaviors of your hottest leads
Eloqua provides powerful business insight to inform marketing and sales decisions today that drive revenue growth tomorrow. More than 1,000 clients rely on the marketing automation power of Eloqua to improve demand generation and lead management while driving more qualified leads. Eloqua's customers include Adobe, AON, Dow Jones, ADP, Fidelity, Polycon and National Instruments. For more information, visit www.eloqua.com, subscribe to the It's All About Revenue blog, call 866-372-8764, or email demand@eloqua.com.

“Eloqua lets us see the digital body language of a person and act on that information. I couldn’t imagine living without it!” -   Sam Adler, Avid

Avid’s Sam Adler uses “Digital Body Language” to know which leads to respond to and how. See for yourself.
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